PICK UP ONLY - Are ready to make your Valentine's day memorable and special for someone important in your life? Juice, crunchy, crispy 5 sweet potato and 5 classic battered corn dog lollipops nestled in shimmery bouquet paper and greens. Like flowers, BUT YOU CAN EAT IT. Please let us know what type of hot dogs you'd like your bouqet made of - Beef, Pork & Beef Blend, Turkey, Spicy Pork, Vegetarian, or Vegan. Reheat by removing the lollipops and placing in toaster oven 8-10 minutes at 350 Deg F. 


Pick Up Saturday & Sunday Valentine's Day Weekend between 12pm and 5PM. Please indicate in a comment when you will be picking up your bouquet! 

Corn Dog Bouquet for Valentine's Weekend - Pick Up Only!


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