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Luxury villlas mykonos overlooking Mykonos Town give the impression of a quaint old place with a slower pace of life, away from the fast-forward speed of today’s global world. And you can find that gentler rhythm on Mykonos, one of the Cyclades group of Greek islands – but that’s not what most people come to this sun-soaked spot in the Mediterranean for. Mainly, they come to the party. In July and August, the cafes, bars, and boutiques of the Hora (main town) of the island are teeming with sun-seeking, fun-seeking crowds, and Mykonos has adapted to serve them – pumping clubs play host to big-name DJs and swanky hotels cater to an A-list crowd. So if you visit in high summer then come prepared – pack your sun lotion, your most fashion-forward outfits, and your dancing shoes. Outside of peak season island life resumes at a more gentle pace.The houses of Mykonos Town, with their exuberantly colored wooden doors, windows, and balconies, line the narrow streets forming a typical Cycladic labyrinth town, and mixing with beautiful churches and chapels, purple bougainvillea displaying its blousy wares against the bright white walls. The beautiful people flock to this most picturesque of backdrops to see and be seen, and one of the most popular parading grounds is the area of Little Venice. Named for its resemblance to its Italian namesake, this settlement overlooking the southwest end of the harbor with its tightly packed houses almost toppling into the sea was created during the 18th century by rich merchants and ship captains. Today, many of these historic homes have been transformed into restaurants, bars, shops and nightclubs, and the area throbs with life at all hours.



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