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My school years when I loved to write essays

I was never an A student, but I was fine with my average B, I was also fine with my environment with whom I studied, with whom we got together to write something, it was a lot of fun. Since I wasn't the best, I didn't feel worse, no one even made me feel that way, because in writing an essay I was the first of my circle. How did I do it? None of my friends knew that I used the services of the essay writer (Bid for writing). I didn't want to beat those who cut out all the items, but I wanted to win the race. Because it was another area with objectively measurable results. At that time I did not know the concept of objectivity, but I felt that measurements in sports are clearly fair.

The one who is faster will get to the finish line first. Dot. But even then, I wouldn't think it's fair to chase someone who was very bad at writing homework.

My sons (ten years ago) lived differently at school. It was different. The scope of the curriculum has increased both in school and college, so students often turn to college paper help.Signs bloomed on the walls of one of my son's classrooms: the results of weekly measurements. No differentiation.

Who was the most productive at the end of the week? It was me. Because writing an essay was a priority for me. I could easily write an essay, also I could easily correct my essay.I didn't necessarily want to fight the teachers, but I soon realized that my kids weren't racehorses to be bullied. They cannot and should not be persecuted for not being able to write an essay the first time. All three were children with different temperaments and characters, and it was impossible to quietly fit them into a large crowd.

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