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Rules for Writing a Review for a PhD Dissertation from a Leading Organization

The Higher Attestation Commission convenes the Dissertation Council to discuss the scientific work and derive an adequate assessment of the postgraduate student. Also, body determines the institution that will comprehensively evaluate the dissertation "from outside". It is important that the organization works in the same field of science in which the study is performed.

A lead organization is an industry-specific enterprise with authority. It evaluates scientific work "from outside" in terms of practical and scientific significance, determines the effectiveness of the proposed measures. The main requirements for a leading organization are:

  • the applicant for a scientific degree should not be in an employment relationship with the enterprise;

  • the company must be state-owned and have a positive reputation both in the industry and in the scientific community;

  • a representative of the leading organization should familiarize himself with the dissertation or at least an abstract.

In most cases, the selection and approval of the leading organization is carried out by the Dissertation Council 1.5-2 months before the defense of the project.

Transmittal letter

As soon as the lead organization has been identified, the Discussion Council should send a cover letter to the address of its location. This document is drawn up on the letterhead of the educational institution, approved by the signatures of the members of the Discussion Council, the seal. Together with him, the applicant will have to attach his manuscript, dissertation or abstract for study and evaluation "from outside".

Feedback is a document that reflects an objective assessment of the "external evaluator" represented by the lead organization. It should be analytical, not descriptive. If a representative of the leading organization has any doubts during the study of the dissertation, they should be reflected in writing.

When deriving the overall assessment of the dissertation and awarding a scientific degree or title, the examiners take into account the recommendations of official opponents and the review of the leading organization.

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